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"Reclaim the Love of Your Space!" Exceptional, Professional Service. We treat customers like family. Reach us at 712-563-2166 or on our consultant cell at 712-304-4816!

Painting company Interior Painting Plus+ LLC in Audubon, Iowa
Painting company Interior Painting Plus+ LLC in Audubon, Iowa
Painting company Interior Painting Plus+ LLC in Audubon, Iowa

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Interior Painting Plus+ is Audubon's most trusted painting service. We Specialize in Interior Painting, Refinishing and Resurfacing. We provide Free consultations. Need help choosing a color? Figuring out an accent wall? Need help with a ongoing project? Give us a call! We are happy to make suggestions, answer your questions, and complete your projects!

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  • out of 5 stars

    Professional, passion for detail and expert work.

    Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    These ladies were awesome! So professional and friendly! I had trouble with paint in 3 rooms chipping and scratching. They knew exactly how to fix the problem. They even learned a little something from me “furniture sliders” they are such a back saver! They also answered all my questions on a painting project for my daughter! I have recommended them to several friends and 1 of them has already lined them up for her painting needs. I would definitely hire them again!

    Mary N Dale Meiners Audubon, Iowa
  • out of 5 stars

    It was amazing what Interior Painting did with my old walls! Visited with me about different options. Showed me examples.Turned out amazing. Have booked another project! Great crew - thanks Jen,Patty,Mandy (& Abby)!!

    Home Owner


No. We will ask you to remove anything of value from the work space. Otherwise we will move furniture around as we need to, and put it back as it was when we are finished. We will always discuss specific items at the time of the consultation if they are in question.

No. We hire our team members. This allows us to ensure that they are background checked, properly trained, and insured.

YES! Our resurfacing products come with a 2 year warranty. And our painting and refinishing services come with a 1 year warranty.

Yes we do have a contract that we ask you to sign. Specifically it is for the details of the project being performed, the materials being used and the colors chosen. It also specifies that you received all the warranty, and expectation paperwork. We ask for this to be completed before the start of the project. Sometimes the colors change, you picked a creamy white, but now want a gray, that is perfectly fine as long as we know and can revise the contract before starting the project.

Our initial consultation is always free with no obligations. And you can expect it to last anywhere from half an hour and up, depending on the size and detail of your project. We want to know every detail of your expectations of the project. And we will walk you through our processes as well as the materials and equipment we will be using to complete the project.

No. We send out reminder cards 15 – 30 days in advance to remind you of your upcoming project. And our Consultant will call you 3-5 days in advance to go over all the details again and verify your colors, one last time. Generally the only time we contact you last minute is if there is a sudden opening that can be filled. If this happens and you just arnt ready, let us know, we will leave you where you where on the schedule and fill in with someone else.

We use products from two different companies. Our StoneFleck and Vivid Coat both come from Hawk Research Labs, in IL. and our DiamondCoat comes from Diamond Coat, in CO.

Please call ahead to visit our showroom and shop in person. We are currently accepting in person visit only via appointment.

The best way to get in touch is to call our shop at (712) 563-2166 or you may call or text Jen directly at 712-304-4816. You may also send us a message through our Facebook or Instagram page.

Projects are scheduled in the order of deposit received. We try to schedule as fairly as we can. This means that if you are given an estimated start date at the consultation, but we don’t receive your deposit for 2 weeks, that start date may be given to another client first. We are a small company, and are generally booked out anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months. We add a couple extra days on the calendar for each job. If we don’t have any delays, then we move on to the next project. This means we may be able to move your project up in time anywhere from a week to a full month.

We have two different systems for resurfacing. StoneFleck is a 3 part epoxy & acrylic system that is sprayed onto your surface. It can be used in bathtubs, shower surrounds, bathroom sinks, tile, countertops, walls, and on occasion floors. StoneFleck can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, and comes in 36 different flecks, plus your standard glazing colors for tubs showers and sinks. Our pourable epoxy is completely designed by hand, can be use on horizontal surfaces, and color is added to create the look of marble, granite, or even something as wild as your imagination.

We have our favorites, but we will also work with you if you have a preference of Brand. What we will always recommend is the materials that will work the best for your specific project.

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